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Food webs and interdependence

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Food webs and interdependence

In a nutshell

Food webs show the links between many different food chains. Each organism in a food web has a specific name related to its role and how they get energy. 

Food webs


Food webs show how organisms are linked together in different ways. Food webs contain many interlinked food chains. All organisms in a food web are interdependent, so a change in one organism can affect many others. 

Science; Interactions and interdependencies; KS3 Year 7; Food webs and interdependence
1. Producer, 2. Primary consumer, 3. Secondary consumer, 4. Tertiary consumer, 5. Top carnivore.


There are nine key pieces of terminology you must learn.


All plants are producers as they use energy from the Sun to produce food. 


An animal that only eats plants.


All animals are consumers (they consume their energy, they can't produce it like plants).

Primary consumer

An animal that eats producers.

Secondary consumer 

An animal that eats primary consumers.

Tertiary consumer

An animal that eats secondary consumers.


An animal that eats only other animals, never plants.

Top carnivore

An animal that is not eaten by anything else. 


An animal that eats both plants and animals.

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