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The modern periodic table

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The modern periodic table

​​In a nutshell

The elements are arranged in groups and periods in the modern periodic table. ​They are also grouped together, either as metals or non-metals.

The periodic table 

Science; The periodic table and properties of materials; KS3 Year 7; The modern periodic table

Arrangement of the periodic table

All the elements in the periodic table are arranged into groups and periods

The columns are called groups. Elements in the same group share similar physical and chemical properties. 


Group 11​ metals are soft and shiny and they react instantaneously with oxygen. However, the further you go down Group 11​ the more violently the elements react with oxygen. 

The rows are called periods, going from left to right.


Period 22​ is from lithium (LiLi) to neon (NeNe).

All the symbols of the elements start with a capital letter. Any letters that follow are in lower case. 

Metals are located on the left hand side of the periodic table (light purple) and non-metals are located on the right hand side of the periodic table (dark purple).

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