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How Evulpo helps you

Finally understand all topics quickly and safely, even the difficult ones – thanks to helpful explanatory videos, summaries and exercises. For all students between 9 and 19 years of age.

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NEW: Personal AI Learning Chat

Vulpy is trained on curriculum 21, supports you with foreign languages and tests relevant knowledge – for an effective and interactive learning experience.

Quality-approved learning materials

Our learning materials are developed by experienced tutors – and are tested for the highest quality.

For all important school subjects

Prepare for exams, do homework and catch up on subject material – for all subjects that matter.

Matching school material

Learn what really matters: our learning materials are exactly adapted to the local curriculum and are always up to date.

Exercises with instant correction

Learn with different exercises until everything is in place – and identify and close knowledge gaps thanks to immediate feedback

Flexible learning materials

Digital support for teachers and schools

With evulpo, teachers can use the digital space as a supplement to the traditional classroom and offer their students help outside of regular school hours.

School topics explained in one place

Relief for parents

Help for your child on all important topics that are relevant according to the official curriculum. A quick understanding of the subject matter is ensured – for every type of learner.

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Learn with Vulpy,
the intelligent AI learning buddy!

Introducing Vulpy, your smart AI tutor! The best thing about Vulpy is that Vulpy does not just invent things, but its knowledge is adapted to curriculum. Vulpy can do more than just talk to you in any foreign language; it can also test you with quizzes on school material.

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Easily find your lessons

Practice your foreign language in a playful way.

Test your knowledge directly.

Over 28,500 exercises

  • For beginners and experts
  • Various exercise formats
  • Clever solution tips
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Over 1,800 explanatory videos and summaries

Our experts explain the school subjects briefly and concisely and convey theory with easy-to-understand examples. All learning materials are strictly adapted to curriculum.

Our Vision

We want to make the world smarter and more inclusive with our motivating and personalised learning world.
Over 300 thousand students have already learned with Evulpo and get individual help from us outside of school.
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