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What does evulpo offer ?

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Free access to resources

Support for school subjects. Always. Everywhere. And for everyone. That is the simple vision behind evulpo. Every student should be able to access the same level of support, tailored to their needs and for the core school subjects. Thanks to countless videos, summaries and exercise sets, all curriculum-relevant Maths, English and Science topics from KS2 to KS5 are covered.

evulpo introduction

evulpo - your online learning platform

On evulpo's learning platform you will find great resources for studying, personalised learning statistics, supportive group functions and several extra features such as the daily vulple game.

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Our vision

Evulpo Founders

"We want all students to have help with school subjects. Always. Everywhere. At the push of a button. That's why we are building the largest learning platform in Europe and will be online in seven countries by the end of the year."

Jonas Fehlmann, Manuel Kant and Dr Christian Marty, founders of evulpo
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