Likes and Dislikes: Expressing Your Preferences

Likes and Dislikes: Expressing Your Preferences

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Likes and Dislikes: Expressing Your Preferences

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Es importante que aprendas palabras diferentes para poder expresarte con fluidez. En este resumen, verás vocabulario para indicar lo que te gusta y lo que no. Si lo repasas con frecuencia, ¡no se te olvidará!

Info 1: Verbos para expresar gustos




I adore...
I adore the smell of morning coffee
I love...
Me encanta... /Amo...
She loves singing
I am super into...
Me interesa mucho...
I am super into horror films
I am fond of...
Tengo cariño por.../Soy aficionado a...
I am beginning to be fond of you
I like...
Me gusta...
Peter likes going shopping on Fridays
I am keen on...
Me interesa...
I am keen on team sports
I enjoy...
I enjoy being with you
I do not mind...
Me da igual...
I do not mind eating fish or meat
... it's not my cup of tea es de mi agrado
Playing football is not my cup of tea
I am not into...
No estoy interesado en...
I am not into designer clothes
I am not a fan of...
No soy fan de...
John is not a fan of broccoli
I do not like...
No me gusta...
They do not like your bad attitude
I dislike...
No me gusta...
I dislike being late!
I hate...
She hates getting up early
I can not stand...
No soporto...
I can not stand rude people

Info 2: Complementos para añadir significado a los verbos




A lot
Un montón
I like your new dress a lot
A real lot
Un montonazo
She loves playing tennis a real lot
So much
She enjoys meeting friends so much
Very much
I dislike his car very much
I really hate doing the dishes

Info adicional 1: Formar oraciones con verbos de gusto

Como has visto en los ejemplos, detrás de un verbo de gusto se puede escribir:

  • Un sustantivo
  • Un verbo acabado en -ing.

Info adicional 2: Idioms relacionados con los gustos




To be sick
Ser lo más
That new camera is sick! Look at the screen
To be the bee's knees
Ser una pasada
My phone is the bee's knees! I absolutely love it
To have a soft spot for something
Tener debilidad por algo
I have a soft spot for Italian food, yummy!

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