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The smart AI tutor for better learning outcomes

On evulpo, pupils study in a smart learning environment: Vulpy is a chatbot which utilises the GPT-4 AI technology and masters the entire curriculum. Thanks to Vulpy, pupils will receive highly personalised, 24/7 learning support that is tailored to their needs.

Study with Vulpy,
the smart AI study buddy!

Introducing Vulpy, your smart AI tutor! The best thing about Vulpy is that Vulpy does not just invent things, but its knowledge is adapted to curriculum. Vulpy can do more than just talk to you in any foreign language; it can also test you with quizzes on school material.

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Learn foreign languages
with ChitChat

Talk to Vulpy in a foreign language as if you were talking to a real person. You can talk about your hobbies or other topics that interest you.

Vulpy will correct you when you make mistakes, and celebrate with you when you get things right. That will allow you to improve your reading, writing and comprehension skills in a foreign language 24/7.

vulpy chatty function

Prepare for exams
with QuizMaster

Let yourself be quizzed on school topics and test whether you have understood the subject matter. Vulpy knows exactly what is relevant at each school level and will adapt to the questions' level of difficulty. In addition to correcting wrong answers, it gives you explanations regarding the correct answer.

By repeating questions and explanations, Vulpy also helps you to reinforce your knowledge and to ensure that you have understood everything.

vulpy quizz function

Find learning content
with StudyScout

Find exactly the right study content for every topic you don't yet understand. Vulpy briefly explains the most important points and then takes you to the relevant lessons, where you will find detailed summaries, explanatory videos, and exercises.

Vulpy makes sure that you understand each topic properly and shows you what you need to study in order to achieve your learning goals.

vulpy scaut function

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