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Welcome to the evulpo VR Innovation Lab, where we're on a mission to inspire, engage and empower young learners with immersive experiences. Our VR platform is set to make every learning journey an exciting adventure, transporting students into dynamic virtual worlds that go beyond textbooks and classrooms. The VR experience we're offering is in its exciting beta phase, and there may be some unexpected detours along the way. We value your understanding and patience, as well as your feedback. It plays a vital role in our journey to continuously refine and enhance the platform. Come on, let's shape the future of education together!

Our VR Classroom is compatible with a wide range of VR headsets, including Pico Neo. To test with other VR headsets than Meta Quest, simply click on “test in browser”.

How it works with Meta Quest

  • Visit our VR Experience on Meta Quest
  • Add the Experience to your Profile
  • Turn on your Meta Quest and start learning
Visit Meta Quest

How it works in your browser

  • Visit our VR Experience in your browser
  • Navigate with your mouse or finger
  • Game on and start learning
Visit browser experience

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