Our vision

evulpo makes the world smarter

Our vision is simple: with our learning world, we want to help make the world a smarter, more inclusive, better place. A good education does not just increase the chance of professional success, but also the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the world, and thus forms the basis for a sustainable, progressive society.

Help with school topics for everyone

There are over 1.5 billion students worldwide who, in addition to growing up, also have to master the daily challenges at school.

Over 250 thousand students have already learned with evulpo and thus get the perfect help outside of school, tailored to them.

Excellent tutoring should not be a privilege of a few

"The goal of evulpo is simple: the best tutoring experience in the world – at a price that practically every family can afford. Excellent tutoring should not be a privilege of a few. Excellent tutoring must be something that is offered to many.

This is also, and especially, true at a time when countless countries are failing to reduce inequality of opportunity in education."

Dr Christian Marty, founder and CEO of evulpo

Evulpo CEO

Our guiding principles

It is important to us to always offer the highest quality of learning material and the best possible learning experience. All our content has been developed with experts and is continuously optimised. What's more, the learning experience is continuously improved based on the latest studies in the field of learning science and with the help of educational experts.

Personalised learning

We make the learning experience a personalised experience – adapted to individual goals and personal knowledge.

Helpful feedback at the right time

We test knowledge with varied exercises – and thanks to immediate feedback, we identify and fill gaps in knowledge.

Matches the topics at school

We always adapt our learning materials exactly to the local curriculum and ensure they are always up to date.

Needs-based educational concepts

We offer educational concepts adapted to the subject, school level and learning type in order to maximise learning success.

For all important school subjects

We offer learning material for all important subjects and help students prepare for exams, do homework and catch up on school topics.

Quality-approved learning materials

We ensure that our learning materials are always tested for the highest quality and are developed by experienced experts and educators.