evulpo for families

Help with homework and exams

With evulpo, students can also get help outside of regular school hours and learn without needing to bother parents or teachers.

The smart learning platform that makes it easy for the whole family

evulpo's learning platform provides an environment where students can learn better. We adapt learning material to the curriculum, then teach it to students in an AI-powered learning environment. This way, every child gets the individual support they need around the clock.

Interactive learning material for all your important school subjects

Explanatory videos, summaries and exercises

From KS2 to KS5

English literature, english language, maths, physics, chemistry, biology, science

How evulpo helps families

Homework and exam preparation can sometimes be stressful for families. That’s why evulpo helps parents and their children: parents have the certainty that the learning material fits the school topic, and children can learn on their own.

Matching topics from school

Learn what really matters: our learning materials are precisely adapted to the local curriculum and are always up to date.

Learn without any pressure and always at your own pace

evulpo adapts to the learning level of students and always offers the right help at the right time.


We comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our users' data is secure.

Measure and get better

Parents can follow the study activity of their children and celebrate learning successes with them.

Find your lessons easily.

Practise a foreign language in a playful way.

Test out your knowledge directly.

Over 1,200 explanatory videos and summaries

Our learning materials are precisely adapted to the local curriculum and are always up to date. This means teachers can give their students access to additional teaching materials.

For preparing for new topics

For catching up on school topics

For individual support

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Over 28,500 interactive exercises

With helpful feedback at the right time, gaps in knowledge can be identified and filled. Teachers can assign their students a variety of exercises on all topics.

To prepare for exams

For practising without pressure

As a playful addition to the classroom

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Still got questions about evulpo?

Just contact Alexandre – he'll be more than happy to help.

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We help young people understand the world

It is important to us to not only make students stronger in core school subjects, but also in socially relevant topics.

That's why we work with renowned institutions to develop learning materials that promote an understanding of the important social issues of the 21st century.

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