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Sunlight and sun safety

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Sunlight and sun safety

​​In a nutshell

The Sun is a very powerful natural light source. It is important to consider methods of protection for the eyes. 


The Sun is the largest and most powerful natural light source for us here on Earth. It is vital for life, and drives many physical processes on our planet. 

Light from the Sun is very powerful and can be dangerous for our eyes if the correct protection is not considered. It is important not to look directly at the Sun as this can damage your eyes.

Science; Light; KS2 Year 3; Sunlight and sun safety


As the Sun's light is so powerful, it is important to protect ourselves. Eyes can be protected by wearing sunglasses and a hat. Another method is to stay in shaded areas where the Sun cannot reach the eyes.

Three tips for the best eye protection from powerful light:

  • Never look directly at the Sun.
  • Never shine any kind of light (such as from torches or lasers) directly in the eye. 
  • Wear a hat and sunglasses when in direct or bright sunlight.

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