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Line graphs

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Line graphs

In a nutshell

Line graphs are a visual way to show changes to a measurement over time.

Example 1

This line graph shows the change in temperature of an icy glass of of water left in the sun.

Temperature of water left in the sun over time

Maths; Statistics; KS2 Year 5; Line graphs

​​Interpreting line graphs

Line graphs have the thing being measured on the yy​-axis and the time on the xx​-axis. To read the example above, pick a point and move down to see the time, or across to see the temperature.

Tip: Remember the yy​-axis is the vertical one (side) and the xx​-axis is the horizontal one (bottom).

Example 2

In the above line graph, after 66 minutes the temperature is 8°C8\degree C.

Drawing line graphs

Drawing a line graph is very simple:


Draw and label the axes.


Plot each individual point on the graph using a cross.


Join each point together with a line.

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