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Pie charts

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Pie charts

​​In a nutshell

A pie chart shows things as proportions. The size of each sector of the circle tells you how big the proportion is and can be written as a percentage, a fraction or in degrees.

Maths; Statistics; KS2 Year 6; Pie charts
Maths; Statistics; KS2 Year 6; Pie charts
Maths; Statistics; KS2 Year 6; Pie charts

Reading pie charts

Each shaded part of the circle is a sector. There are 360° in a circle and so each sector has an angle which is a fraction or percentage of 360.


The pie chart represents modes of transport taken to school by 20 students. How many students walk?

Maths; Statistics; KS2 Year 6; Pie charts

The angle at the centre of the walking sector is 90°90\degreeWork out this as a fraction of 360°360\degree.​

9090 is 14\frac{1}{4}​​ of 360360

Work out a quarter of the total number of students: 20.20.


14\frac{1}{4}​ of 2020 is 55


Five students walk to school.

Drawing pie charts



Work out the proportion for each category.


Draw each category with the correct proportion.
Label each sector with the correct category.

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