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In a nutshell

Timetables show a list of events and the times at which they happen. They are often used for things like bus times, lesson times in school and TV schedules.

Interpreting timetables

Timetables are read in a similar way to a regular table: by selecting the correct headings and reading across and down. They are usually written in 2424 hour time.


Here is a timetable showing the times that buses leave different stations.

Paddington09:0409:3410:0410:34Golders Green09:3610:3611:3612:36Camden Town08:5910:5912:5914:59Marble Arch09:1209:2009:2809:36Holloway14:0814:1814:2814:38\begin{array}{c|c|c|c|c}\text{Paddington}&09:04&09:34&10:04&10:34\\ \hline\text{Golders Green}&09:36&10:36&11:36&12:36\\ \hline\text{Camden Town}&08:59&10:59&12:59&14:59\\ \hline\text{Marble Arch}&09:12&09:20&09:28&09:36\\ \hline\text{Holloway}&14:08&14:18&14:28&14:38\end{array}​​

How often does the bus go from Marble Arch station?

Read across from Marble Arch and work out how much has been added to each time:

Every 8\underline8 minutes.

When does the last bus leave Paddington?

Read all the way across from Paddington to the last column:


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