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​​In a nutshell

A pictogram is a chart which uses pictures to represent data in a simple way.

Interpreting pictograms

All pictograms have a key which tells you what one image represents. To read a pictogram, simply count up the number of images and check the key to see what each image is worth.

Example 1

The pictogram below represents the number of pizzas sold by a restaurant on each day. 

Maths; Statistics; KS2 Year 3; Pictograms

The key shows that in the pictogram one pizza image is the same as 1010 pizzas sold.  You can see that on Sunday there are 11 and a half pizza images so you can work out the number of pizzas sold as follows:

10+5=1510 + 5 = \underline{15}  pizzas sold

Tip: When drawing your own pictogram, make sure that the picture you choose is simple to draw!

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