Geometry - position and direction

Coordinates in the first quadrant

Coordinates in the first quadrant

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Coordinates in the first quadrant

​​In a nutshell

Coordinates show the location of a point against the xx​ and yy​ axis. They can be plotted on a graph which has four corners called quadrants. The first quadrant is in the upper right side of a graph. Here both the xx​ and yy​ values of the coordinates will be positive numbers. 

Positions on a graph

Graphs and coordinates have specific features:

xx axis​
Horizontal line.
yy axis​
Vertical line.
The point (0,0)(0,0) where the xx and yy axis cross.
The four corners of the graph separated by the xx and yy​ axis.

Plotting points

The first number in a coordinate shows the value on the xx axis. The second number in a coordinate shows the value on the yy axis. So, to find a coordinate "follow the corridor and go up the stairs".

Example 1

Plot the point ​P(2,5)P (2,5).

Note: Coordinates can be plotted on a graph with a dot or a cross. 

Identifying points in the first quadrant

You also need to find the coordinates of a point on a graph. Follow a point down to the xx axis for the first coordinate and across to the yy axis for the second coordinate. ​

Example 2

Use the grid below to identify the coordinates for points AA​, BB​ and CC.

Maths; Geometry - position and direction; KS2 Year 4; Coordinates in the first quadrant

A:(1,2)\underline{A: (1,2)}

B:(3,2)\underline{B :(3,2)}

C:(3,4)\underline{C :(3,4)}


Note: Coordinates on the same horizontal line have the same yy value. Coordinates on the same vertical line have the same xx value.

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