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Calculate and convert between units of measure

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Calculate and convert between units of measure

​​In a nutshell

By converting between units of measures, measurements can be presented in their most simple forms. These conversions will often involve handling decimals and units of length, mass and volume. 

Conversion rates

The conversion rates you will have to know are listed below.

1km=1000m1km = 1000m​​

1m=100cm1m = 100cm

1cm=10mm1cm = 10mm​​​

1l=1000ml1 l = 1000ml​​


Converting between units of measures

Use conversion rates to calculate and simplify measurements into a more presentable format. 

Example 1

What is 0.654kg0.654kg​ in grams?

Identify the conversion rate between kilograms and grams. 

1kg=1000g1kg = 1000g​​

To convert kilograms to grams, multiply by 10001000.

0.654×1000=6540.654 \times 1000 = 654​​


0.654kg=654 grams.\underline{ 0.654kg = 654 \ grams.}

Example 2

Rewrite 8000mm8000mm in metres.

First, convert millimetres to centimetres using the conversion rate: 

1cm=10mm1cm =10mm

To convert millimetres to centimetres, divide by 1010.

8000÷10=800cm8000 \div 10 = 800cm

Next, use the conversion rate for centimetres to metres.

1m=100cm1m = 100cm

To convert centimetres to metres, divide by 100100​. 

800÷100=8m800 \div 100 = 8m


8000mm=8 metres.\underline{8000mm = 8 \ metres. }

Note: To convert directly from millimetres to metres, divide by 10001000.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  • Question: How do you convert millimetres to metres?

    Answer: To convert directly from millimetres to metres divide by 1000.

  • Question: How do you convert millimetres to centimetres?

    Answer: To convert millimetres to centimetres divide by 10.

  • Question: What is the conversion rate for kilograms to grams?

    Answer: 1kg is equal to 1000 grams.



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