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Number and place value

Place value: Four-digit numbers

Place value: Four-digit numbers

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Place value: Four-digit numbers

In a nutshell

The are four place values for four-digit numbers: thousands, hundreds, tens and ones. Zeros can also be used as placeholders where necessary.

Place values

A four-digit number can be separated or partitioned into thousands, hundreds, ten and ones. The position of the digit, or the place value, indicates how big the number is.

Example 1

Use place value to partition the number 60926092

The number 60926092 consists of 66 thousands, 99 tens and 22 ones.

6092=6000+90+2\underline{6092 = 6000+90+2}

Note: The zero in the hundreds column is a placeholder, as there are no hundreds for this number.

Example 2

Place the numbers 5678567892839283 and 82748274 into a place value table.

The numbers have four digits, so the numbers can be separated into thousands, hundreds, tens and ones.

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