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Subject and object

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Subject and object

​​In a nutshell

Simple sentences are made up of a subject, a verb and usually an object too. The subject is the person or thing doing the verb while the object is having the verb done to it. In this summary, you'll learn how to identify the subject and object in a sentence.​

The subject

The subject of a sentence is the person or thing carrying out the verb. The subject is a noun or pronoun and it usually comes first, just in front of the verb. 


The cat chased the string.

In this example, the cat is the subject of the sentence because it is the cat doing the chasing. The string is the object.

The object

The object of a sentence usually comes after the verb. The object is a noun or pronoun which receives, or is involved with, the action of the verb but isn't the one carrying it out. 


Billy ate the cake.

In this example, Billy is the subject as he is doing the eating. The cake is the object of the sentence as it is being eaten.

Tip: These rules are for active sentences only. In passive sentences an action or a verb is done to the subject instead of by them.

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