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Types of non-fiction texts

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Types of non-fiction texts

​​In a nutshell

Non-fiction writing deals with real life, facts and past events. There are various examples of non-fiction writing including journalistic writing, formal and informal writing, information texts and persuasive texts. This summary will explore different types of non-fiction and how to recognise them. 

Informative texts

An informative text is a non-fiction text which informs or provides information about a particular topic. This type of text usually deals with topics like nature and historical events. Information texts can also be called non-chronological reports and have many recognisable features such as a title, sub-headings, paragraphs, bullet points, pictures and captions.




Bullet points

The Jewish Festival of Lights
  • In Hanukkah, people light one candle every evening.
  • Friends and family give each other money or presents to celebrate Hanukkah.

Journalistic writing

Journalistic writing is a type of non-fiction text which consists of reporting news and important events. Newspaper reports, radio and television scripts and online news articles are a few examples of journalistic writing. This type of writing normally provides a summary of the events which have recently happened and aims to catch the attention of the reader using wordplay, short sentences, quotes and the active voice.




Summary of the event

"I lost balance and was falling into the river when all of a sudden the knight appeared and caught me, saving me from falling off! I wanted to thank him but he disappeared into the shadows..."
Last night an old man was walking by the river Thames and claimed he lost balance while trying to take a picture. Fortunately, a mysterious dark knight saved him just in time by catching him before he fell into the river.

Formal and informal writing

Choosing a formal or informal writing style depends on the subject, assignment and audience. Formal writing includes the use of Standard English, more complex grammar sentences and a lack of slang terms or expressions. Informal writing deals with colloquial vocabulary and expressions, less complex sentences and non-Standard English.

Some examples of formal writing are essays, textbooks, official letters and newspaper reports. On the other hand, comic books, social media posts, personal blogs and postcards are generally written with an informal style.


Formal Writing

Informal Writing

Studies demonstrate smoking can cause a negative impact on people's health.
Studies show smoking is bad for you.

Persuasive texts

A persuasive text is a type of non-fiction text which aims to convince or persuade the reader of a specific point of view. Adverts, newspaper columns and academic essays are some examples of persuasive texts. This type of text generally introduces a thesis statement which is supported by evidence and then a conclusion to summarise the ideas which have been presented.


Thesis statement

Supporting evidence

Becoming a vegetarian could save the world.
Several studies demonstrate that meat production causes more pollution than the production of plant-based foods.

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