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Apps which can help you study and stay organised

Apps for studying
Do you often get easily distracted when you should be focusing on a task? Nowadays, this is a common problem since there always seems to be notifications waiting on your phone. In this article, you will learn about some free apps which can help you stay focused so you're able to complete whatever tasks you need to in an efficient manner.

Put your phone away:

Forest (Android, iOS): With the Forest app you can grow trees virtually by putting away your phone, concentrating and working for a while. You simply set the timer and plant a seed. Then, while you work a beautiful tree grows in the app.
However, if you get distracted and go on your phone before the timer runs out, your tree will die. So over the course of a really productive day, you could grow a whole forest! This app is also suitable for working with the Pomodoro Technique, which you can find out more about on blog.

Flipd (Android, iOS): With Flipd, you can set a timer so you can focus fully on learning. You can also generate statistics to get an overview of how much you have learned and when. Additionally, at the beginning of each session, Flipd asks you to pause for a moment and take a deep breath to get you ready to study. Flipd also offers inspirational quotes and relaxing music to keep you motivated, as well as the option to mute other apps while you work.

Tide (Android): With Tide, you can also set a timer, but in addition you'll have relaxing music which helps to create the ideal learning environment. There's everything from white noise to nature sounds. So, you can use the app not only while studying, but also when you have trouble falling asleep at night.

Noisli (Android, iOS):With Noisli you can also listen to music, but here you have the option to put together your own mix of sounds. So if you're comfortable working to the crackling sound of fire and the rustling of leaves, this is the place for you.

Manage your screen time:

Your hour (Android): If you feel like you're constantly on your phone and it's affecting your productivity in a negative way, then you should try Your Hour. This app measures the amount of time you spend on your phone and on each individual app, so you can find out which apps are holding you back from being creative and productive.

There's also the option to install a small floating clock to remind you how much time you've spent on your phone. Notifications and calls can also be blocked so there are no distractions at all.

Freedom (iOS, Android): The name says it all. You can block apps so you're not distracted by notifications. You can even block individual websites. So if you know you frequently go to your social networks when working on your computer, you can block these apps for a set period of time. What's more, Freedom can be used across multiple devices, so you can synchronise your laptop settings with your phone or tablet.

Get organised:

Trello (iOS, Android). With Trello, you can follow the Kanban principle. The idea is to create different tables which are divided into "To Do" and "Done". You put tasks into the table and move them from one column to the next.

You can also share the tables with others, so if you're working with others on a group project you can allocate tasks and write lists and comments in the columns.

With monday (iOS, Android, Web), a similar principle applies. This app also uses the Kanban method, but there are other options for structuring and presenting a task.

Notion (iOS, Android, Web): It is often difficult to balance deadlines, exams, sports, free time and time with the ones you love. Notion helps you to not forget anything and to be prepared for everything. The app calls itself an "all-in-one workspace". It's a place where you can store all your data. You can take notes, organise calendars and even manage group work. The ability to create timelines is especially popular with users, as it gives an overview of tasks to be done at any given time.

Check out our blogs to read more about Notion and find out if it could help you get organised.

My Study Life (iOS, Android): My Study Life was created with pupils and students in mind. This app can help students organise their school day and keep track of upcoming tasks they have to do. You can create reminders for when you want to study, and when you should take a break to keep motivated to keep going. It also has a preview of the new week every week so you know what's coming up next.

Also useful:

IKIGAI (iOS): IKIGAI is a slightly different tool. This app allows you to find out what skills you have, what your favourite activities are and what skills you can use to help the world. So if you find yourself feeling short of motivation and you're struggling to see the point of studying, IKIGAI can help you visualise your goals and find reasons to push on.
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