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11 Apps to keep you focused

Apps for focus
Do you find yourself struggling to stay focused and instead getting distracted by anything and everything? You’re not the only one! Many students struggle with this problem, especially nowadays when messages are constantly appearing on their smartphones. In this article, you’ll discover some apps that will help you stay focused and complete your tasks more efficiently.

Apps to reduce distraction

  • Forest (Android, iOS): With Forest, you can grow trees virtually by putting your phone aside, concentrating and working for a while. You set the timer and plant a seed, and while you work, a beautiful tree grows. But if you get distracted and use your phone, the tree will die. So after a day of concentration, you will have planted a whole forest! The app is also suitable for working with the Pomodoro Technique.
  • Flipd (Android, iOS): With Flipd, you can set a timer and focus entirely on revising. You can also keep track of how much you have studied and set goals for the week. But Flipd offers even more: at the beginning of your revision sessions, the app encourages you to stop for a moment and take a deep breath. There’s also plenty of inspirational phrases and relaxing music to help keep you motivated. Flipd also offers the option to mute apps. This means that you can put certain apps on a 'white list', so that you can still use them. For extra motivation, Flipd lets you join study rooms.
  • TIDE (Android, iOS): This app allows you to set a timer - but there's also relaxing music to create the perfect study atmosphere. The app has everything from white noise to nature sounds. So not only can you use the app whilst you’re studying, but you can also use it if you’re struggling to sleep at night! Sleep is important for learning so this app has it all.
  • Noisli (Android, iOS): With Noisli you can listen to high quality ambient sounds that boost your focus. Not only that, but with Noisli you can also generate your own mix of sounds. If you study well to the sound of a crackling fire or you find the sound of crunching leaves relaxing, then Noisli is the app for you!
  • Your hour (Android): If you sometimes feel that you can’t live without your phone and that it’s negatively impacting your productivity, then you should try this app. You can find out which apps hinder your productivity and measure the time you spend on each app. With this app, you can also install a small floating clock to remind you how much time you’ve spent on your phone. Notifications and calls can be blocked so you don't have to pick up the phone and you keep your focus on your study.
  • Freedom (Android, iOS): With Freedom, you can block certain apps that distract you with all their notifications. Even individual websites can be blocked. So, if you know that you often go on social media while working on your computer, you can block these sites for a while. Freedom can be used on all devices, so you can synchronise your computer settings with your phone or other devices.

Apps that help you stay organised

  • Trello (Android, iOS): With Trello, you can organise yourself in line with the Kanban principle: You can create tables that you divide into "To-do", "Doing" and "Done". You can create tasks that you move from one column to another until they are complete! Imagine you have to give a group presentation. Your task is to go to the library and get the books you need to collect the information. Once you have done this, you can check it off and move it from the "Doing" column to "Done". You can share the table with your teammates so everyone is up to date. You can also add appointments, lists and comments to the columns.
  • Monday (Android, iOS): On Monday, the principle is similar: the Kanban method is also used here, but there are also other options for structuring and presenting a task. It is great for collaborative working and setting tasks for individuals in the team.
  • Notion (iOS, Android, Web): It’s not always easy to balance homework, exams, sports, hobbies and time with your family and friends. Notion helps you remember everything! This app describes itself as an "All-in-One Workspace". It’s the place where you can take notes, organise your calendar and even manage group work. The option of creating timelines is particularly popular amongst users, as it allows them to have an overview of the next tasks to be done at any time. Some say that Notion can simplify your life!.
  • My Study Life (iOS, Android): My Study Life has been specially designed for pupils and students. It helps you to organise your timetable and gives you an overview of your tasks at all times. You can set reminders of what you still have to do, when you want to study and when you need to take a break. At the end of the week you also get an overview of the week ahead so you know what to expect.

Practical apps

  • IKIGAI (iOS): IKIGAI is a slightly different tool. It allows you to discover your skills, your favourite activities and the skills you can use to help the world. So if you find yourself in a motivational hole and don't see the point of learning, IKIGAI can help you visualise your goals and find reasons why it's worth continuing.
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